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On-Site Assembly for Modix Large-Format 3D Printers

In today's fast-paced business environment, time is money. Our specialized assembly service for large-format Modix 3D printers is designed to expedite your operations, ensuring a swift and seamless setup. By entrusting us with the intricate assembly process, businesses can save significant costs and prevent valuable, high-paid personnel from diverting their focus. Instead of spending a week building the machine, your team can remain dedicated to their core responsibilities. Let us handle the complexities so you can hit the ground running.


Pre-Assembly Checklist: To be Performed by Customer BEFORE any travel arrangements are made for a technician visit:

  • Inventory Verification: Ensure all parts of the machine are present. Cross-check the delivered items with the parts list specific to your machine model.
  • Damaged or Missing Parts: In case of any discrepancies, contact Modix directly for replacements. Please note that MatterHackers will not be responsible for or replace any damaged or missing parts.
  • Assembly Commencement: Once all parts are accounted for and verified to be present and undamaged, travel plans will start. Please be aware there will be a delay between verification and assembly starting, sometimes up to 6 weeks. Once all parts are verified and undamaged, the assembly process can begin.
Assembly Guidelines:

  • Duration: All Modix assemblies require a minimum of five working days. For the Modix 180 models, a minimum of seven days is needed.
  • Location: The chosen assembly area should be the machine's permanent location, and the parcel containing the parts of the Modix should be moved into place by the customer before assembly commences. Although Modix machines are equipped with casters, any movement post-assembly necessitates recalibration.
  • Access: Technicians should have unrestricted access to the assembly area. This ensures the technician can devote as much working time as possible to the assembly of the machine.
  • Allocation of Hours: Please note - the Assembly Service is intended to give our technicians as much time to work on building your machine as possible within the hours purchased. While the ultimate goal is to have an operational machine at the end of the Assembly period, purchasing the Assembly Service is not a guarantee that the printer will be operational at the end of the time that was purchased. It is intended as a helping hand to get your 3D printer assembly as far as possible in the given time. We encourage you to provide someone else who has some background in 3D printing and assembly to be available to assist the technician, as well as learn about the various components during assembly. This ensures a smooth transition of knowledge once the technician's time is completed onsite.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Base Price - Standard Modix Assembly: $10,000.00 
  • Base Price - Modix BIG-180 and Big-Meter Assembly: $14,000.00

Additional Costs:

Accounts in and around Orange County, California: Minimal additional fees.
Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino counties: Additional fees based on travel time.
All other locations: Travel fees are calculated based on distance from the closest hub (either Orange County/Chicago).

For a seamless assembly experience, ensure all guidelines are followed, and feel free to reach out with any queries or concerns. We're here to help you get the most out of your Modix 3D printer!